Users of auk are encouraged to set the path to the directory containing the eBird Basic Dataset (EBD) text files in the EBD_PATH environment variable. All functions referencing the EBD or sampling event data files will check in this directory to find the files, thus avoiding the need to specify the full path every time. This will increase the portability of your code. Use this function to set EBD_PATH in your .Renviron file; it is also possible to manually edit the file. This function first looks for for an .Renviron location defined by R_ENVIRON_USER, then defaults to ~/.Renviron.

auk_set_ebd_path(path, overwrite = FALSE)



character; directory where the EBD text files are stored, e.g. "/home/matt/ebd".


logical; should the existing EBD_PATH be overwritten if it has already been set in .Renviron.


Edits .Renviron, sets EBD_PATH for the current session, then returns the EBD path invisibly.

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if (FALSE) {