Given a list of common or scientific names, check that they appear in the official eBird taxonomy and convert them all to scientific names, common names, or species codes. Un-matched species are returned as NA.

  type = c("scientific", "common", "code", "all"),



character; species to look up, provided as scientific or English common names, or a mixture of both. Case insensitive.


character; whether to return scientific names (scientific), English common names (common), or 6-letter eBird species codes (code). Alternatively, use all to return a data frame with the all the taxonomy information.


integer; the version (i.e. year) of the taxonomy. Leave empty to use the version of the taxonomy included in the package. See get_ebird_taxonomy().


Character vector of species identified by scientific name, common name, or species code. If type = "all" a data frame of the taxonomy of the requested species is returned.

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# mix common and scientific names, case-insensitive species <- c("Blackburnian Warbler", "Poecile atricapillus", "american dipper", "Caribou") # note that species not in the ebird taxonomy return NA ebird_species(species)
#> [1] "Setophaga fusca" "Poecile atricapillus" "Cinclus mexicanus" #> [4] NA
# use taxonomy_version to query older taxonomy versions if (FALSE) { ebird_species("Cordillera Azul Antbird") ebird_species("Cordillera Azul Antbird", taxonomy_version = 2017) }