Download an eBird Status and Trends data package for a single species, or for an example species, to a specified path. The example data consist of the results for Yellow-bellied Sapsucker subset to Michigan and are much smaller than the full dataset making these data quicker to download and process.

  path = rappdirs::user_data_dir("ebirdst"),
  tifs_only = TRUE,
  force = FALSE



character; a single species given as a scientific name, common name or six-letter species code (e.g. woothr). The full list of valid species is can be viewed in the ebirdst_runs data frame included in this package. To download the example dataset, use "example_data".


character; directory to download the data to. All downloaded files will be placed in a sub-directory of this directory named according to the unique run ID associated with this species. Defaults to a persistent data directory, which can be found by calling rappdirs::user_data_dir("ebirdst")).


logical; whether to only download the GeoTIFFs for abundance and occurrence (the default), or download the entire data package, including data for predictor importance, partial dependence, and predictive performance metrics.


logical; if the data have already been downloaded, should a fresh copy be downloaded anyway.


Path to the run-specific root of the downloaded files.


# download the example data ebirdst_download("example_data")
#> Data already exists, use force = TRUE to re-download.
if (FALSE) { # download the full data package for wood thrush ebirdst_download("woothr") }