Download an eBird Status and Trends data package for a single species, or for an example species, to a specified path. Accessing Status and Trends data requires an access key, consult set_ebirdst_access_key() for instructions on how to obtain and store this key. The example data consist of the results for Yellow-bellied Sapsucker subset to Michigan and are much smaller than the full dataset, making these data quicker to download and process. In addition, the example data are accessible without an access key.

  path = rappdirs::user_data_dir("ebirdst"),
  tifs_only = TRUE,
  force = FALSE,
  show_progress = TRUE



character; a single species given as a scientific name, common name or six-letter species code (e.g. woothr). The full list of valid species is can be viewed in the ebirdst_runs data frame included in this package. To download the example dataset, use "example_data".


character; directory to download the data to. All downloaded files will be placed in a sub-directory of this directory named according to the unique run ID associated with this species. Defaults to a persistent data directory, which can be found by calling rappdirs::user_data_dir("ebirdst")).


logical; whether to only download the GeoTIFFs for abundance and occurrence (the default), or download the entire data package, including data for predictor importance, partial dependence, and predictive performance metrics.


logical; if the data have already been downloaded, should a fresh copy be downloaded anyway.


logical; whether to print download progress information.


Path to the folder containing the downloaded data package for the given species.


if (FALSE) {
# download the example data

# download the data package for wood thrush, geotiffs only
# download the data package for wood thrush, all data
ebirdst_download("woothr", tifs_only = FALSE)