Get the map parameters used on the eBird Status and Trends website to optimally display the full annual cycle data. This includes bins for the abundance data, a projection, and an extent to map. The extent is the spatial extent of non-zero data across the full annual cycle and the projection is optimized for this extent.




character; directory that the Status and Trends data for a given species was downloaded to. This path is returned by ebirdst_download() or get_species_path().


A list containing elements:

  • custom_projection: a custom projection optimized for the given species' full annual cycle

  • fa_extent: an Extent object storing the spatial extent of non-zero data for the given species in the custom projection

  • res: a numeric vector with 2 elements giving the target resolution of raster in the custom projection.

  • fa_extent_sinu: the extent in sinusoidal projection

  • weekly_bins/weekly_labels: weekly abundance bins and labels for the full annual cycle

  • seasonal_bins/`seasonal_labels: seasonal abundance bins and labels for the full annual cycle


if (FALSE) {
# download example data
path <- ebirdst_download("example_data", tifs_only = FALSE)
# or get the path if you already have the data downloaded
path <- get_species_path("example_data")

# get map parameters