Select a subset of columns from the eBird Basic Dataset (EBD) or the sampling events file. Subsetting the columns can significantly decrease file size.

auk_select(x, select, file, sep = "\t", overwrite = FALSE)



auk_ebd or auk_sampling object; reference to file created by auk_ebd() or auk_sampling().


character; a character vector specifying the names of the columns to select. Columns should be as they appear in the header of the EBD; however, names are not case sensitive and spaces may be replaced by underscores, e.g. "COMMON NAME", "common name", and "common_NAME" are all valid.


character; output file.


character; the input field separator, the eBird file is tab separated by default. Must only be a single character and space delimited is not allowed since spaces appear in many of the fields.


logical; overwrite output file if it already exists


Invisibly returns the filename of the output file.

See also

Other text: auk_clean(), auk_split()


if (FALSE) { # select a minimal set of columns out_file <- tempfile() ebd <- auk_ebd(system.file("extdata/ebd-sample.txt", package = "auk")) cols <- c("latitude", "longitude", "group identifier", "sampling event identifier", "scientific name", "observation count", "observer_id") selected <- auk_select(ebd, select = cols, file = out_file) str(read_ebd(selected)) }